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  • Introduction

    In spite of the high stakes faced by humanity in the 21st century, life went on peacefully. Technological progress continued to reach heights never before imagined. This gave an incredible comfort of life to the humans of the planet Earth. This progress was made possible by the takeover of nations and large religious groups by huge digital and tech giants. By a tacit economic agreement, they agreed to destroy all identity and cultural differences between their people, in order to create a huge global market where everyone is "equal" and can trade freely with each other. Wealth gaps widened dramatically during this period.

    Eugenism, Cloning Technologies

    The rise of the medical tech field greatly extended and improved the lives of human beings. Diseases were eradicated, as well as handicaps, hereditary diseases, less attractive morphologies, etc. Cloning technologies had a relatively positive impact on the planet at first.
    The eugenism that followed was also acclaimed in the name of holy progress. The economic elites were able to reach a level of genetic perfection never known before. Inspired by the Greek gods, they modified their genetics to improve not only their health and appearance, but also their intellectual capacity. The poorest of the poor became a population that, although in the vast majority on the surface of the globe, was treated as an error of nature, an unattractive, dirty, and imperfect being. This paradigm shift had two consequences among this population, a part of them, out of nihilism and adoration of the elites and their way of life, formed a cult of the elite, a cult of their beauty, their wealth and their genetic perfection. They called themselves the Transhumanomicus.
    The other part, growing every day in the face of these injustices, called the "dissidents" or "conspiracists" by the elites, refused en bloc this unequal and superficial world founded around the mirage of the cult of money and materialism. They lived in seclusion outside the big cities but were often arrested by the government for the crime of "non-conformity" and were enrolled in re-education centers, also called "consumer factories".

  • Energy

    In the year 2051, when the last drop of oil was extracted, came 3 years of energy blackout and violence. The proletarian class was massively hit by unemployment, and even the elites suffered, having lost the monetary contribution of their consumer armies, an unprecedented world economic crisis ensued. Tensions erupted in all earthly communities and this was the first massive use of drones to monitor and control the population. Indeed, the philanthropist Bruce Rahman was able, thanks to his factories in Itaipu (located on the border of the former Brazil and Paraguay) to build an army of solar-powered surveillance drones. His drones allowed him to keep a relative control on his population, as well as to double his fortune by selling them to other state companies. These drones were positioned during the day at key points, in order to recharge their batteries, and then patrolled at night, armed with large projectors. March 22, 2052 officially marked the end of privacy, but it was still a great help in preventing a lot of crime in a world plunged into darkness after dark. Due to global warming, the skies were unfortunately often overcast and rainy, which prevented the drones and solar panels from recharging. The solution came this time from China, with the sending at regular intervals every night of silver iodide missiles in the clouds in order to trigger torrential rains. This also allowed to reduce the crime once again. And so it was for three years, it is at this time that we can note a massive rise in dissent, indeed, the anger of the impoverished, persecuted and starving populations in slums, or insalubrious house began seriously to rumble. The 3-year internet blackout had had the effect of stopping the continuous consumerist propaganda they were usually fed. The only representation of the elite they had had for 3 years was the persecution of drones and the lights of the barbed wire villas in the distance on the hills
    Meanwhile, the industrialists were working hard on an energy transition The simplest solution was nuclear power to continue to supply energy.

  • War

    The end of the 21st century is characterized by great wars of religion and great World War The feeling of anger of the people was diverted in order to put the people against each other, divide and conquer. This created a huge arms market on a planet that had been pacified for years. But this respite for the elites was short-lived... Indeed, a general depletion of deposits and other natural resources created tensions between companies. Indeed, price inflation, economic disagreements as well as a general impoverishment of the companies and states put them in direct competition, these states already eaten away by a state of almost permanent civil war since a few years, in a final propaganda effort, the heads of states managed to set the nations against each other. The internal and external war exhausts the populations In fact, approximately 4.5 billion people died during this bloody period of history. Civil war and world war combined.

    Consequence / Peace

    Humanity returned to relative tranquility following the peace treaty of 2088 Humanity at that point was in trouble, the world's population was cut in half. Everyone had lost someone close to them. These unfortunate events had the positive effect of restoring a certain order in the world and the governments bruised by this tragic war decided to live in peace with free trade agreements. Less known to the public, this peace was declared following the discovery of deposits of rare minerals and oil in the Arctic after the ice melted completely. But there was still dissent among the peoples. They were tired and bruised by so much violence, the companies had indeed put ointment on their wounds by imploring peace, but nothing was settled on the contrary the control worsened over this period.

  • Rebellion

    This could not last any longer, a real revolution was needed and the peoples organized themselves in 2092, indeed the futile wars of the proletariat of these last years had both annihilated the weakest, as well as put the real issues in their place. This allowed a real world union of peoples, aspiring to be free. The rebellion was finally organized, and motivated to fight. Small urban guerrillas broke out all over the world. Highly organized, surgical strikes on the part of the rebels, with increasing strength and means as the general feeling of anger of the population grew with them

    Then came the second drama of the twenty-first century In a last desperate effort to overthrow the ruling empires, several rebel groups organized Project Chaos: the simultaneous destruction of the world's largest nuclear power plants. The goal was to short-circuit the Internet and monetary networks in order to free the indebted and economically enslaved people and to simply remove the source of power of the economic elites. And their actions worked. Unfortunately to the detriment of humanity. These simultaneous explosions on every continent of the world on a power scale of 40 times Hiroshima had the effect of eliminating more than 80% of the world population.

    Dark age

    Then came what was called the dark age of humanity. A large part of the economic elites having been atomized, scientific knowledge had with them almost disappeared, effectively the people were only trained to work like automatons, they were unable to understand how the old technologies worked. Plunging then the humanity several centuries backwards At the beginning of the 22nd century, small organized communities of techno-barbarians were founded all over the planet among the survivors. These factions, wild and primitive, fought among themselves for the few remaining resources. The planet being 97% irradiated, the life expectancy of the survivors rarely exceeded 30 years. Humanity was running straight to its doom.

  • Cardano institute

    But from the ashes emerged a true jewel of technology. A city spared by environmental nuclear disasters. In the middle of the Sahara, the laboratory city of the Cardano Institute had been largely spared. Its initial population of 800 researchers and workers had been reduced to three quarters due to famine and settling of accounts between gangs. After years of civil war and war with barbarian tribes, a consensus was reached that the situation was serious. In spite of the serious radioactive deterioration, the researchers put all their intelligence into the search for a remedy for humanity. Unfortunately, the environmental sciences had been neglected in recent years, so they did not have enough time and resources to find a solution. Then a researcher made a discovery in the hold of one of the ships at the institute's spaceport. 7 pure genetic strains from the golden age of humanity in test tubes. The scientists then set out to repopulate the world with genetically identical clones from these few pure strains. Indeed, it was easier for them to make these genetically modified humans resistant to radiation than to find a cure for an already sick humanity. This is how the E.N.D. Project was created in 2102.

    Success of the project

    The project was a great success, in a few months the scientists were able to create a veritable army of clones genetically enhanced to resist radiation and were able to send them to the four corners of the world on a "crusade" to eliminate the local factions in order to clear the way for their brothers and sisters still in production. The downside was that although they were not sterile, their children died instantly. Scientists speculated that the genetic strains were not stored properly or that the radiation was still too concentrated on the earth's surface. Nevertheless, it was a success.

  • Black market

    But the Cardano faction was not the only one to have retained rudimentary technological knowledge. Everywhere on earth small bubbles of knowledge and rudimentary technology had emerged over the years and remained in some of the dominant factions. The humans of the E.N.D. project were captured in these places, and through a technique that is still poorly understood today due to lack of documentation, some local scientists were able to retrieve DNA data from the E.N.D.'s in order to link them to the local population. This allowed to extend the life expectancy of the survivors, who, even though they were plagued by cancer and other diseases caused by radiation, were able to produce and gradually, over the years, dilute their depleted genes. A veritable genetic black market was created on Earth which allowed the most technologically advanced factions to gain enormous power and respect. As well as to pacify the relations between tribes. An organization was set up. Some tribes became hunters, making real raids in the E.N.D. communities in order to capture them to sell them. The richer and more developed factions became the real market leaders by selling genetic mutations from E.N.D. stem codes. And further down the hierarchy, clandestine doctors allowed the poorest to have access to transplants of organs and E.N.D. members, which then acted as a radioactivity pump on the body of the recipients and granted them a few more years of life, this method, although temporary, was the most frequent because it was the most affordable.

  • Cardano army

    Initially unknown to the Cardano Institute, these facts went unnoticed for a very long time. The scientists of the institute had other more urgent problems to deal with, their own imminent death. For this reason, they came up with the idea of uploading their consciousness into computers, a crisis solution that finally proved to be their salvation. They then started the production of an army of androids In the year 2116, they set up a huge expedition, with 16 groups of 150 androids, each administered by an android with human consciousness. Each group had to go to a specific area of the globe and return after a year to report on the situation. In 2117 only one group returned, the report was disastrous, human civilization had restarted, hostile and genetically modified humans with E.N.D. genomes had repopulated the areas most spared from radiation in order to create mega cities. What was the astonishment of the Cardano Institute. The fruit of their work soiled... Their rage was terrible Their decision was made, they were going to form the biggest army ever conceived and to leave to massacre all these humans who had profited from their work and polluted the genes of their creations. Some still struggle to understand the reaction of the androids of the institute. It seems that the uploading of their consciousness into the machine has destroyed their capacity for empathy. Indeed, the scientists had to create a central unit with a structure similar to the human brain in order to upload their consciousness. It seems that they neglected the anterior cingulate cortex and its connection to the frontal heart, the seat of decision making. Thus these androids had lost one of the main traits of humanity, while keeping their most famous flaws. In the year 2122, the army was ready and the Cardano Institute could start its crusade, they were going to conquer the world and satiate the free peoples, and every island of resistance would be destroyed.


    Our story takes place in the year 2166. War has been raging again on earth for years. The free people are fighting relentlessly against the robotic army of the Cardano Institute.